About Me

James Knight Bafta is a longtime film critic and movie reviewer whose work has been featured in major publications both foreign and domestic. Throughout his more than 20 years as a film critic and movie reviewer, Mr. Knight Bafta, has earned a loyal and devoted following of readers. Mr. Knight Bafta’s core audience clearly recognizes and appreciates his objectivity and detail-oriented approach to examining and reviewing all genres of film.

Known throughout the industry for his exacting approach to movie reviewing and film criticism, Mr. Knight Bafta has repeatedly emphasized the importance of understanding the specific intentions of the writers, directors, and actors before drawing a conclusion that could influence the audience in a manner that far too many fail to realize. It is for this reason that Mr. Knight Bafta’s reviews include incredibly detailed analyses and offer in-depth explanations to ensure the greatest possible level of clarity.

It is Mr. Knight Bafta’s view that a film critic not only influences the audience’s interest in seeing the film but also influences the manner in which that film is perceived by the audience. Mr. Knight Bafta has therefore urged his peers to exercise caution and avoid publishing any review in haste, as many great films have been overlooked by initial audiences due to misguided analyses or hastily written reviews.

Mr. Knight Bafta attended the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts and spent many years writing and directing independent films before turning his attention to analyzing and reviewing films. Many of Mr. Knight Bafta’s films earned widespread critical acclaim and performed quite well at the box office, and his work is still featured at film festivals and is often discussed by film school students in programs all over the world.

Even though Mr. Knight Bafta continues to write screenplays and occasionally serves as an uncredited consultant on films that include everything from small indie projects to major movie productions, he is most passionate about the opportunities inherent in his work as a film critic and movie reviewer. Although his peers in the filmmaking industry often urge him to shift his focus back to filmmaking, Mr. Knight Bafta believes he can make the greatest contribution to the film industry by prioritizing his work as a film critic and movie reviewer.

According to Mr. Knight Bafta, it is through his work as a published film critic and movie reviewer that he is able to reach the broadest possible audience and explain the nuances and subtleties that many audiences unfortunately fail to recognize. In frequently reviewing movies, Mr. Knight Bafta hopes to enrich the overall audience experience and allow filmmakers to earn proper recognition for their artistic talents.

Mr. Knight Bafta’s movie reviews can now be found on this site as well as in publications all over the world. In founding and maintaining this site, Mr. Knight Bafta hopes to enrich the experience of moviegoers on a global scale, which is why this site is devoted to making his detailed film analyses easily accessible and readily available to the broadest possible audience.